No visit to a tropical resort is complete without a relaxing and healing spa treatment, and Andaman Club offers a selection of unique massages, scrubs and facial treatments to regenerate your skin cells and reinvigorate tired muscles.

You will never forget Yazana, the spa with the name of the national flower of Myanmar.

Enjoy Yuzana Membership with special benefits and discounts.

Signature Spa Treatments:

  • Royal Thai Massage

The centuries-old, long-celebrated art of traditional Thai massage is known for its miraculous restorative attributes, and with this very special signature treatment of Yuzana Spa, you experience Thai massage at its best. It helps stimulate blood circulation, eases away muscular pain, relaxes muscles throughout your body, and the therapeutic aroma of a unique herbal mix will calm your body and soul.

  • Myanmar Massage

This exclusive Yuzana Spa signature massage treatment integrates Myanmese
age-old palm-pressing and distinctive massaging techniques which have been passed down through generations. You will feel fully invigorated and intrinsically stronger in your muscles, while feeling all your worries massaged away. It’s an ideal treatment for people with muscle strain or ones who simply want a total body and mind rejuvenation.

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